Heart of the Matter Conference

ACEbc Provincial Conference on the Sunshine Coast that included:

  • Opening address by Sue Montebllo (Community School Principal, Burnaby)
  • Keynote speech by Mary Gordon (Roots of Empathy founder)
  • Coffee Table discussions hosted by Maria LeRose
  • Choice of 19 different workshops, catered food, and local entertainment!

Community Schools Make Sense for Today’s Families

The Association for Community Education BC (ACEbc) video that speaks to the "how" of community schools. How are community schools serving today's families in a way that makes sense? The video touches on the 5 philosophical ingredients of community schools:

  • Responding to Community Needs 00:24
  • Effective Use of Resources 00:54
  • Enhancing Curriculum 2:07
  • Integrated Services 3:10
  • Building Community Capacity 5:20

ACEbc Spotlight: Youth Engagement

David Thompson Community School Team Hub:

An ACEbc video highlighting the great work happening in the Vancouver School District around engaging secondary school students in mentorship roles with elementary school students. Youth are trained to provide after school programming to neighbouring elementary schools, helping to address transition issues, enhancing school climate, and building a life long mindset of COMMUNITY!