Building thriving communities.

ACEbc is committed to building community and school partnerships, integrating services, and promoting life-long learning to benefit children, families and communities.

ACEbc has been active in British Columbia since 1975 in the areas of community education, community school development, advocacy and liaison, organization of workshops and conferences, publishing resource materials, and conducting community school research.

ACEbc is a non-profit organization with membership open to individuals, groups, or organizations interested in Community Education.

The Association is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.


ACEbc believes it takes a whole community to raise a healthy child. Healthy children and healthy families in turn build healthy communities.

  • Inclusiveness
  • Self-determination & self-help
  • Shared resources — human, physical and financial
  • Leadership development
  • Lifelong learning
  • Interagency coordination, cooperation and collaboration
  • Neighbourhood-based action
  • Sustainability


The Association for Community Education in British Columbia is dedicated to fostering and promoting Community Education and Community Schools in British Columbia.

  • To encourage and contribute to the establishment of a variety of community education models that optimize community utilization of public facilities.
  • To provide consultation and expertise in ‘best practices’ for community education.
  • To promote and disseminate evidence that demonstrates the benefits to children and families — and the cost savings to society — of sustained investments in building healthy communities.
  • To be an essential resource for community education by organizing workshops and conferences, and facilitating access to resource materials.
  • To liaise with policy makers, funding agencies and businesses to advocate for community education.